A male electrician fixing light on the ceiling

Your Electrician Can Modernize Your Home’s Lighting

A male electrician fixing light on the ceilingThe 21st century has given rise to a world full of technology and now you have the opportunity to enable smart-lighting systems in your home or business. With new innovations in lighting such as voice control and bluetooth connectivity you have more options for lighting your home than ever before.

Voice enabled

The clapper was all the rage when it was released, but these devices controlled only one or two fixtures each. These days, there are light bulbs that turn on and off in response to voice commands. One new lighting product on the way is the Vocca system. This plug & play voice activated bulb adapter requires no installation, setup, or internet connection.

Smartphone Connectivity

The opportunity to utilize smartphones for home appliances is on the rise and light bulb manufacturers have taken notice. Many modern lighting systems allow users to dim, turn on, or turn off lights using their phones. Light cycles, colors and brightness can also be be scheduled for specific times or occasions. Smartphones are able to connect to compatible bulbs via bluetooth and these specialized bulbs even offer remote control apps for iPhone, Google, and Amazon.

Music Streaming

For a lot of fun and less clutter, your local electrician can help you with the installation of light-emitting diode bulbs that come equipped with built-in bluetooth speakers. These audio-streaming bulbs are fully compatible with recessed lighting fixtures. They are energy-efficient, wireless, and powered through the light socket’s source of electricity. Homeowners can choose to employ surround sound channels for home theaters or whole-home audio systems.

Color-changing Technology

The intended use of a room often determines the intensity and color of chosen light bulb. However, new bulbs have become available that allow you to choose not only the brightness level of lights, but also the color of the lighting the emit. Many new bulbs feature remote control of up to 16 colors. Control of these colors work independently from other lighting options. They even have flash settings and music-sync capabilities. Available colors can range from the natural tones of traditional bulbs to more fun, “party” colors.

Now, in addition to currently available smart appliances such as refrigerators and televisions, homeowners have more control than ever over their home’s lighting. Whether you are building a new home, remodeling, or just want to modernize, innovations in lighting are taking the world by storm. Experienced electricians can assist with homeowners with lighting projects large and small.

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